About us

Antonia Bernardin and Natali Topliff-Lazy book lovers podcast hosts

Toni Bernardin- Host

Hi! I am an aspiring author and book lover, who works in marketing. I have my own blog and writing accounts to help work towards the dream, so give us a follow!

Natali Topliff- Host

Hey hey, I’m Natali, bookworm, mum, and secret superhero (shhh). I am a freelance content writer, social media manager, and horror obsessive. I also have a bookish Etsy shop, so come check it out.

Gavin Bernardin- Editor

Hello! I am the silent voice behind the podcast (although you might have heard my guest appearance on Ep. 20!). Fun fact, my background is actually in science, I have a Masters degree in Physics and everything! I also DM for a few different groups and paint Warhammer models in my spare time.

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